ST150 – Steel Girder/Beam

“the long-lasting and economic alternative
to wooden and aluminum beams in the
formwork construction”

Product features:

  • long-lasting and totally weather resistant
    through galvanizing

  • stability of shape and accurate to dimensions
    [steel construction tolerances!]

  • damage resistant thanks to high-quality steel processed
    by utilizing the most modern transforming and jointing
    technology [no destruction in the case of splinters!]

  • nailable due to inserted long-lasting plastic strips

  • Its long life span makes it a competitive product
    for the rental sector

  • connection of beams by using scaffolding tubes
    inserted in the holes of the base

  • easy to handle thanks to its weight of 6.2 kg/m
    and the holes provided in the base

  • allowable bending moment: M = 6,7 KNm
    34 % higher bending moment than wooden H20
    100 % higher bending moment than aluminum 120

  • acceptance of high shearing forces
    allowance of larger prop distance Q = 25 kN means
    50 kN support-load usable also in shoring projects!

  • connecting possibilities by systematical clamp

  • easy to transport and stock thanks to its low construction
    height of only 150 mms - volume reduction by ~50%


Formwork for floor slab - Method „FLEX“

Formwork for floor slab ST 150 / column 20 kN

Formwork for floor slab ST 150 / column 30 kN